Naan Pizza with Asparagus and Canadian Bacon

I’m training for my first half marathon (as well as Bay to Breakers—which I’m actually running, of course, in costume—in May and Muddy Buddy with Rob in June) and have recently started reading Runner’s World. This month it had a great article in its Fuel section for a quick, healthy meal for the runner-cook on the go using asparagus, which is currently in season and something I received in my last CSA box. The meal: Naan Pizza with Asparagus and Canadian Bacon.

Naan pizza with asparagus and Canadian bacon

I originally wanted to make cornmeal dough for this pizza but after finishing my Monday night run, I realized that I would just stick with recipe since I was hungry and didn’t want to wait an hour for the dough to rise. Just as suggested, I picked up whole wheat naan, which proved to be a quick-and-easy alternative that tasted remarkably like a tasty pizza crust.

Pizza ingredients, with asparagus from my CSA box

To make the pizzas (I made four so I could have ample leftovers), I mixed part-skim ricotta cheese with pesto and spread it on each naan. Then I topped each pizza with asparagus (tossed in a bit of oil and salt and pepper) as well as Canadian bacon (also called peameal bacon). Next, I popped the pizzas into the oven for 10 minutes, then took them out and topped them with fontina cheese, then put them back in for another five. And ta-da: pizzas!

Ready to go into the oven

Hot out of the oven

Hot out of the oven

The recipe said that half a pizza was one serving and maybe it would have been with a big salad or something on the side but I decided that the ones I made were each a meal on their own. The ricotta-pesto mixture was creamy and flavorful and didn’t leave you wanting a tomato sauce or oil base, and the textures of the asparagus and Canadian bacon were soft yet crunchy at the same time.

It was as good cold the next day as it was hot out of the oven and transported to work for lunch just perfectly. My only complaint is that the ingredients were a bit expensive (though I do have enough ricotta, pesto, and fontina cheese to make four more naan-size pizzas). Otherwise, it was simple and quick to make, colorful, and tasted fantastic. If I am making pizzas again and don’t have time to let the dough rise, I’d definitely turn to naan as my next choice.

Leftovers for lunch


4 Responses to “Naan Pizza with Asparagus and Canadian Bacon”

  1. 1 Carren 04/22/2010 at 5:29 pm

    All things yummy! I love the Eastern-Western combo! 🙂

  2. 2 miyokoeats 04/23/2010 at 10:16 am

    Thanks, Carren. It was so delicious. A friend told me about an Indian pizza restaurant (since closed) and I’m tempted to give that a try at home soon.

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