I am Miyoko Ohtake, and this is my blog about cooking and consuming good eats.

I grew up in a family of food-lovers with a Caucasian mother who rolls the best sushi I’ve had, a Japanese father who introduced us to Indian food at a young age by regularly throwing together aloo gobi and dal, a mixed (like me) sister who remembered events based on what we ate, and an environment in which my asking to order the plate of steaming mussels at dim sum as a seven year old was encouraged (and a moment of pride for my parents). Cooking is what we do when we’re together and a passion I’ve carried on into my own adult life.

When not dipping into deep frying or plating a new pasta, I can often be found putting my pen to the paper as an editor and writer at Dwell or lacing up a pair of running shoes to go for a training run for my first half-marathon (in October).

Shoot me an email, and in the meantime, bon appetit!


All text and photographs copyright Miyoko Ohtake


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